Who is God to you?

Who is God to you? Just something you believe exist out there somewhere? Or do you have a relationship with Him? Is He your best friend?
God is a walkie talkie in the time of war. We can call to Him through prayer to help us in life struggles. Why Him? He has unlimited resources and sees the future. There is no better lifeline to reach out to. Accept that He responds to prayer with the hardship you NEED not necessarily the painless moments you WANT. 
God is a best friend that lends a listening ear when you need it. Confide in Him your deepest secrets and struggles and ask Him for strength to overcome.

God is a supportive, good, giving and loving father who WANTS and will give you what you NEED in life, even if you get mad at Him for not giving you what you WANT. He will NOT give you what you ask for in order to be the cool parent and make you temporarily happy. This takes much restraint, strength, power on His part and is much more difficult then giving you a cookie to make you happy. He chooses to give you the piece of coal over a cookie because He LOVES you far more than you love yourself and He knows a piece of coal holds more value in a winter storm then a cookie. Trust His plan, He KNOWS the future. Thank Him for your blessings. The good, the bad, the ugly, knowing it’s what you NEED.

The kingdom of heaven

“Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!”��Matthew� �13:45-46� �NLT�� 
How important is it to you, to go to heaven when you die? When you found Christ, did you give up your life to follow Jesus? Did you give up the old party life to make sure you were rested on Sunday to worship God? Did you remove the hatred and replace it with forgiveness and love? The pride of looking down on others in order to humble yourself and put others above yourself? Has Jesus become your greatest pleasure above drugs, sex and worldly pleasures?

Can we be too much into Jesus?

I was told that at work I talk about Jesus too much…

I don’t think so. I know I’m a fanatic, I know I’m a Jesus freak but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  Some people love football and they bleed their teams colors. I just don’t find joy in sports. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking sports, I just don’t. People talk about what they love, they read about what they love, they are eager and excited about an event on a topic or hobby they like. There’s nothing wrong with that, i’m just not passionate about other things. I get excited about reading the Bible, I love going to church and hearing sermons and especially love worshiping through music and praise, through fasting and through telling people about Jesus. I don’t care if I’m labeled a freak, I do what I love. Many other people also do what they love, but it’s PC to love other things, to be sports fanatics, to love fasion, but if I love God and enjoy it and that’s what I like to talk about, then the world rejects me… Psh, I don’t care. I will keep chasing after Jesus, I don’t care how alone and rejected I feel at times, I know Jesus is with me.

Do you have to be like me to be saved? Of course not, I am a broken sinner just like everyone else. For we have all sinned and fallen short of His glory… I just know that the more I run after Jesus, the more I feel His presence and the more and more I become addicted to His love. It s not like this every second of my life… though I wish it were.

What does God father want from us?

Answer: To be like Jesus.

God’s GREATEST commandments are 1) LOVE GOD with your heart, mind, soul and strength and 2) LOVE OTHERS like you love yourself. Love God and others NO MATTER WHAT. Don’t say, “I don’t love them be because…”

What does loving God with our heart, mind, soul and strength look like?

First, Guard your HEART by what you choose to experience (movies, TV, songs, etc). Also, by how you FEEL in your heart about things you do on a daily basis (hidden agendas, hate, revenge, etc).  The lies and things others don’t see may not hurt others but they are seen by God and they do hurt you . Each lie furthers you away from God and trains you to sin better.

Second, Love God with your MIND by rejecting bad thoughts that flood your MIND. Don’t dwell on bad thoughts that sometimes cross our mind, especially when we are in a heated moment. Instead, dwell on God and good holy things. It takes practice but the result is having self control, not being hot headed and reactive appropriately in a Christian demeanor, when calamity strikes.

Third, Love God with your SOUL. Seek salvation  for your SOUL and do things that build treasures in heaven for your SOUL. Don’t make decisions that will get you more material goals at the cost of doing what is right under God’s eyes. Don’t lie, cheat and steal just to get ahead and make more money, to get better car, to get better home. Care about virtues like integrity and honor.

Finally, run after Jesus with all your STRENGTH, as if your life depended on it. God gave us all spiritual gifts; things that we are good at. Prophecy, serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leadership, mercy, faith, healing,etc. We love God with our physical strength by not to being lazy, going to church, etc.

We also love God through obedience to Him (John 14:15). What specifically comes to mind that I attempt to avoid always are the 7 things that God hates. Out of over 600+ rules in the Bible God specifically hates the following 7 things: haughty (pride) eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, feet that run into evil, a heart that plans evil schemes, a false witness and those that stir up problems in the family.

2ND of greatest commandments is to LOVE OTHERS. Start by

  1. FORGIVE others for what they did against you, even though or especially when it seems illogical.
  2. HELP others when they need your help and you can help. Don’t be LAZY with your time and efforts, make sure to work hard.
  3. Don’t be SELFISH or INCONSIDERATE, think of others as BETTER then yourself so to put their needs above yours. Make their life easier. Don’t do things because it’s convenient for you knowing it makes it difficult for them.
  4. ENCOURAGE others, don’t put them down.

With that said, what are stumbling blocks that prevent us from loving God and others

  • Laziness – We say we just don’t have the time or passion for it. We would rather just relax, sit on the couch, and let others handle it.
  • Pride – Like lucifer, we just thing were better then them and/or are above the problem.
  • Revenge – We chose not to forgive our enemies or those that wronged us. Instead we want to hurt them for what they did, because they deserve it. Some people will agree with you and backup your decision for payback, but not God. If we want to please God and then we need to love others.

When it get’s hard to turn the other cheek and love your enemies just remember that Jesus loved Judas even though he knew the whole time that he would lie and steal. He loved those that crucified Him and nailed him to the very tree that He created. Jesus loved Saul, a murdered of Christians, and through mercy and grace, Paul because one of the best Christians ever.

Christian view on LGBT

Touchy subject… But I’ll give it a shot… 😬

I believe that the Holy Bible is one way God talks to us about a variety of issues. In the Bible God tells us He created a man and women (Gen 1:27) and that homosexuality is a sin (Lev 18:22). He also lists many other sins like lying, killing, coveting, etc… While I am not homosexual, I am a sinner and guilty of sinning in other ways… Therefore, if you ask me, I will tell you that homosexuality is a sin and not ok with God, but I will also tell you that I am also a sinner. I CANNOT support that which contradicts my beliefs, but I will not point at a LGBT and say I am better then them just because I am not LGBT. I will not look down on them and say their sin is worst then mine. I will love them, I WILL welcome them as a friend and brother or sister and I will strive to treat them as if they are better then me, because Jesus set this example for me when He loved prostitutes, liars and murderers…

God is a very just God and when we die, He will judge us for our sins and what we choose to do in this life. Therefore we should repent of our sin and turn to Him. However, He is also a very loving and forgiving God. He loves me and LGBT far more more than anyone, EVER will! He loves EVERYONE greatly, despite of our sinful nature. He will forgive us for our sins and give us the strength to overcome them if we ask Him and let Him lead our lives.

GOD Ignored

“Through one of the biggest storms of my life, GOD IGNORED ME.”

These are the initial thoughts that we sometimes have when we ask God for help but we don’t hear His audible voice.

The reality is that HE IS THERE, He does help us. His goal is NOT to take away the problem, it’s to MAKE YOU STRONGER in order to overcome the problem… Kind of like strength training. He ALLOWS the heavy weights to be added onto your shoulders in order to make you stronger.

He is the VOICE OF REASON that counters our negative thoughts, He gives us WISDOM to make wise decisions in difficult moments, He gives us great PEACE through difficult situations, in moments when others would have just collapsed and gave up. He gives us SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH, PATIENCE and LOVE.

Hang in there Christian Warrior. The stronger the storm, the stronger His presence. PRAISE GOD!

A Church Plant in progress

I feel God wants me to help start a church. I’ve felt this for almost a decade but didn’t do it for some reason or another… something always came up. I felt really strongly that I needed to get something started and begged God through fasting an prayer to speak to me and guide me. Here is an outline of dates and events from the time this dream went from just a thought to actually taking a leap into pursuing my dream:

5/2/15 – At a local church in Colorado, where I was attending (Red Rocks Church) the pastor’s preached on a series titled Dreams. I felt God telling me to pursue my dream. Simultaneously, my family and I were volunteering at another local church that had just launch and their series was titled Day Dreamers, again I felt God telling me to pursue my dream… I know God speaks to us through sermons in the local church and I thought to myself, what are the chances that both of the churches I am involved with are talking about this same thing… I was sold on the idea… Now I just needed God to show me a way…

7/17/15 – I drafted a church Business Plan and outlined a rough plan on how I would make my dream a reality so planned on resigning from where I had developed my career for about 13 years in a very successful corporation (DISH). I planned on giving my two weeks officially Monday (7/20/15) so I typed up my resignation letter. I felt ready.

7/19/15 – I attended church and the sermon that day at Red Rocks Church was titled “Playing it Safe”. The sermon was on Mathew 14. When Jesus calmed the storm. Some very memorable quotes from Andrew Matrone are: “Many christians are so stuck in the comfort and safety of what they can control…stuck in their job when they know God put a bigger dream in their heart”, “We will never become who God is calling us to be if we surrender to safety over submission to God’s plan for our life”, “I want to tell you a story about a man who without guarantee gave up control, stepped away from their security and took a step of faith when God called them.”… He spoke about how Jesus walked on the water and then Peter, in faith, also stepped out of the boat and walked on water…

7/20/15 – I gave my boss my two weeks notice. My final day was to be 7/31/15.

7/24/15 – My wife and I met with Nirup, the pastor of LifegateDenver, the new church plant had just recently launched earlier in the year. I told him about our plan for the new church. He said he was happy for us and offered to help in any way. So encouraging to have heard those words. He gave me a list of books I should read: Dangerous Calling, Am I called, Blessed Church.

7/31/15 – Last day of work at DISH. The plan is to focus on finishing the upgrades my home needs in order to sell it and use the profits to help plant the church.

8/3/15 – God highlighted this verse in my life: 1 Peter 5:6-11 ( It was listed in the last chapter of the book Dangerous Calling & it was the verse of day from by Bible App. It reads, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.”

8/6/15 – God highlighted this verse, “Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.” (Colossians 3:2 NLT) & “The lord will provide” (Gen 22:14)

8/7/15 – Continued prayer and focusing on this verse: “speak lord your servant is listening” (1 Sam 3:6)

8/27/15 – 10 people can individually go out and tell people about Jesus and that’s great. But if those same 10 unite, a church can tell many more. Don’t let satan break up something great.

8/30/15 – Bible is the truth. “The truth shall set you free…” I had a meeting setup to meet with Scott Breugman, whom started Red Rocks Church. Told him about my plans and vision and he provided some very good feedback and encouraging words. He also gave me a few books to read and said it would take a couple of years before we could launch which was very discouraging because of my “rough plan” but I respected his advise and started to consider a longer timeline for the church launch.

8/31/15 – In order to upgrade my current home I need to move out to a temporary place. My plan is to sell the home and buy a smaller condo or townhome in order to minimize monthly expenses. We could not get approve for a new home loan since we still owned our first home and apartments had a long waiting list… What to do , what to do… Essentially, we had no place to live if we were going to move out to finish the upgrades…. I thought maybe we could move everything to one side of the home while working on the other end of the home but it was not taken very well so it was not an option… Praying…

9/1/15 – A brother’s friend’s mother had a home they could rent us. God is good.

9/15/15 –  It is very frustrating trying to get the house upgrades done and on time. I though it was going to be easy based on the fact of the reason for the sale. I thought, surely God will let it be easy and let us get everything done with no problems, but that was not the case… feeling frustrated…

9/30/15 – Closed on a home I was helping a friend sell.

10/1/15 – I hurt my elbow while installing the wood floors on the home. I believe it was Tennis elbow due to the impact of the floor stapler… Little did I know that it would still hurt for a few months.

10/13/15 – If your anything like me, you store things for later. My advise is don’t. We’ve heard the sermons and know that nobody knows what tomorrow will bring but God, yet we put off telling our friends about God. Don’t wait, do it today, do it right now.  We are commissioned to spread the good news yet everyday we have more important things to do and we have a better plan that requires more time. We don’t know the perfect timing but God does. All we have to do is tell them about Jesus, tell them what He has done in our lives and let let God do His thing.

1o/24/15 – We finished the all the major upgrades, finalized the details and listed our home for sale.

10/27/15 – Got under contract to sell our home. It’s a Sellers market and the home is completely upgraded so it was not too difficult to sell.

11/4/15- Funny story, due to not paying attention to the details, the water was shut off on our home. Got inspection objection back from the Buyer for our home and it seems ridiculously unreasonable… Stressful times… We are not happy about it but God will get us through it.

11/5/15 Living at the rental house. We told the owners we would only be there a couple of months but when we told them we had found an apartment, they asked us if we could stay a bit longer to watch the home through the winter. They were afraid something might break if the home was left vacant.  We gladly stayed and told them we would be helping each other… Very happy, but also feeling really attacked by satan so not feeling very well… I talked to some kids about Jesus, explained salvation and made sure that they are saved. Can’t let bad times prevent the gospel from being spread.

11/9/15 – Asked God a question. Can you please clarify the trinity? I’ve heard sermons and know the answers but right not it’s just blurt and confusing. Who do we pray to, who do we sing to and worship to. How does the trinity work?

11/10/15 – Friend calls me and asks me for a verse where it says Jesus is the everlasting father. I had mentioned it to him earlier. I totally forgot about my question I had asked God just recently… But I researched the answer for a friend and after I clearly understood how the trinity was spoken of in the Bible, I remembered that I had asked God that question…I felt like weeping like a little baby and laughing at the same time. God is good and he answers our questions even if He had to get us to do our own research sometimes… I don’t deserve it but He is good to me…

11/29/15 – Feel God spoke to me. No audible voice but a strong feeling. Feeling chosen but under qualified.  Feel like He called me to build His church. Like He said, “Do you love me? Feed my sheep, build my church.”

12/3/15 – Feeling like I’ve had a one-man church for quite some time now… It has been great, for me, but it has not grown….  Some of you have also selfishly been part of your own church, it’s worked out great for you but others are not benefiting. I think God is bringing some of us together to combine our churches. To combine our time, effort, resources, love and to grow His kingdom in a very special way. So I am not starting a church, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is.  And by His grace, we are all part of his new church. We ALL have a commission to spread His word and build disciples, not only the pastor or speaker or a church, but everyone in the body of Christ. We are all responsible for inviting people to church, for telling people about Jesus, for helping advance HIS Kingdom, not ours. Put your pride aside and share Jesus, even if you feel like you look foolish, or even if you do look foolish, put God above it all. You don’t have to be the pastor of a church to share Jesus. Even though not everyone is called to write and give sermons, we all have special and important roles. We are all the body, but some of us are eyes, some are legs, some feet… Some will preach, others will invite, others will greet, others will simply smile and love others, but we are all EQUALY responsible for contributing to the body of Christ. An environment that loves everyone that steps through the door, and the pastor doesn’t get more glory and the coffee person doesn’t get more glory, we all give God the glory. God gets the glory!!!

We can clap for that!!! Clap for Jesus!!! And it doesn’t matter if you go to this church or help that church or the other, we are all one church, under Christ Jesus, with the same Goal of advancing His kingdom, not advancing our career, not advancing our church but advancing His kingdom.

Let’s pray. Father, King of All kings, Mighty Lord of Heavens armies, we praise you!!! Glorified be your name…

12/17/15 – Helped a few friends buy/sell homes recently. Feeling pulled away from church and toward real estate.

1/17/16 – Had a church meeting. It turned into rebuking my brother about how he’s not a good leader and needs to fix things in his life… Don’t know…

1/23/16 – Feeling frustrated and annoyed… I worked on flyer for homeless people that included a salvation message and after a couple of hours the program crashed and it didn’t save any of my work. I said, “satan wants it more”. It’s what we say when a football team is more aggressive and wants to win more. They want it more… Seems like satan wanted me to not make flyer and am assuming God wanted me to but it didnt happen… wish God would have make it happen in my favor… so frustrated. Today, sitting here about to put together the Sunday school curriculum. Feeling like I push to get things done and want this church to happen and nobody is pushing with me. I have to motivate myself, try to motivate them, deal with disrespect and opposition, and put a smile on my face… it’s not easy… having doubts.

1/25/16 – Read a verse in Seans transit book, “if you run after me you will find me and not be disappointed”At this point, if I’m being honest, I feel like I ran after God in worship, fasting, reading Bible, listening to sermons and the Bible, making small sacrifices, but not being results…. Feeling disappointed… I have felt far away from God, feel even further away now…

6/6/16 – Finished reading Blessed Church. Really good book.

6/7/16 – Started reading ‘Blessed Life’.

I read first few pages and noticed similarities in our story with the people in the book so thought I should read the book with my wife.

I asked my wife if she thought we were being generous and she said too generous. I give away too much… I laughed because I had just read in the book that you can’t out give God…

I started to read my wife the parts I had underlined in the book and basically summarized the first few pages. Got to the part about how they gave away cars and a house. Saw similarities in our recent story. They gave away two cars, all their money and a house… We also gave away 2 cars and technically a house/money… I gave away my civic and I got a cool BMW that I would use for my real estate business. Seems a bit more professional. I also gave away my wive’s jeep and she got a new truck. We gave God our house “to start a church” and then we’re generous with paying the people that helped us with the house upgrades and gave money to a few churches and some other ministries… In return, God gave us a new bigger house. Our plan was to have enough room to help others in need if the time came.

After reading the first few pages my wife said I was always negative and never thought anything was possible enough and everybody including kids were afraid to approach me… I got really hurt, I guess I don’t seem to hear many encouraging words… I told her not to use words like never and always because, while I agreed that recently I had been negative and upset, for the most part, most of the time, until recently, I was positive and encouraged others…

My wife said she was not ready to start a church, she needed counseling first. It was a devastating blow… Not the first time I heard her say this but definitely perfectly bad timing… I’m already feeling sad, depressed and unmotivated  at times but it makes me want to try harder… This moment reminded me that I want to tell young people to make sure they pick a Christian wife if possible or things can get challenging at times…

6/29/16 – I’m going to persistently run after starting this church, God. Unless I get a dream or revelation that your answer is no, I’m running after it. I want to glorify you greatly. I want to be more and more like Jesus but just as much, I want to help others be more like Jesus.

I want to live a sold out for Jesus life and run after Jesus. I don’t want to start a church where I or a pastor stand on a pulpit and preach Jesus for an hour and then everyone goes home. I want to lead you to run after Jesus all the time. I want all of us to passionately run after Jesus together in discipleship. Jesus is our leader and we all should run after God and only God…


Called by God to start church?

A few of us feel God wants us to start a church…

Not because we’re prefect and holy but I feel like he wanted to use a butter knife to cut down a tree… Or have the patients running the asylum… Haha.. That’s probably a really bad metaphor for what we’re doing but imma go with it…

Let me introduce myself. I’m an introvert with a mix of dyslexia, ADD, memory issues, fear of public speaking, and a luth of other issues, but I feel God wants to use me to help with this church plant… Maybe it’s so I can point up and thank Him for the strength and so you can see His power in me.

Please pray for us. We believe Jesus is God, the creator of the world, all knowing, all powerful, alive, active and can make all things possible so we know He hears our prayers and we hope you will join us in praying for His will in our lives.

May God bless you and hope you have an awesome day.

God Bless